University of Wisconsin - Madison

Rapid detection of fine fescue root diseases

By Ming-Yi Chou, University of Wisconsin-Madison

PCR tubes, the negative samples show no fluorescence and the positive samples do show fluorescence.

Summer patch is a common and devastating fungal disease of fine fescues. Many major turfgrass species are susceptible to summer patch. A more thorough description of summer patch disease and the causal agents have been previously discussed. As mentioned in the articles, summer patch can be caused by several closely related fungal species and their microscopic structures are similar making it difficult to diagnose and apply targeted treatments.

When it comes to snow mold, fine fescue is the choice

By Paul Koch, University of Wisconsin – Madison

turfgrass plots with ones on the left greener than the ones on the right

As the Midwest and Northeast U.S. emerged from their winter snow covers in mid-March, it was clear that snow mold across the region was more damaging than normal. This was especially true in areas that don’t normally experience lots of snow mold such as southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois, New Jersey, and Connecticut.