Homeowner Study

Overview of Homeowner Study

Individual homeowners are a critical group in the area of low-input turfgrasses and provide a substantial market for conversions to fine fescue based yards. A  survey of individuals across the United States and Canada was conducted to understand the following aspects of consumers:

  • willingness to pay for various turfgrass traits. 
  • identify consumer preferences and market segments


  • The ability of turfgrass to withstand foot traffic is the most influential trait among consumers.
  • Maintenance attributes of turfgrass, such as mowing frequency were also critically important.
  • Overall, consumers were willing to pay premiums for turfgrasses with lower maintenance requirements.


  • Turfgrass breeders should focus on traits related to foot traffic tolerance due to consumers high demand for the trait, as well as potential application beyond the residential yard, such as parks, and sports fields.
  • Additional effort should be put into traits that reduce maintenance requirements such as mowing and fertilizer applications. 
  • Improvements in the trait areas outlined above can make low-input turfgrasses more appealing to consumers and their willingness to pay for improvements provides a viable market for such varieties.