Opportunities for Transition

Our study found the following opportunities for land managers to transition to fine fescues:

  • Managers expressed the need to lower input costs for turfgrass establishment and maintenance. When appropriately managed, fine fescues would help with this goal.
  • Fine fescues are advantageous due to lower maintenance requirements that not only save money but labor; this is particularly important as skilled labor is in short supply across the country.
  • Managers described that fine fescues would also become increasingly attractive as a turfgrass option as watering restrictions already in place in many areas become more common across the country.
  • Fine fescues can potentially fill a niche across both public and private lands where a) turfgrass is desired or required but not actively used b) where other turfgrass varieties struggle to establish, or c) regular maintenance is not available or cost-effective.

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