Our Team

University of Minnesota

Eric Watkins    Professor, Breeding and Genetics   [email protected]
Kristen Nelson    Professor, Environmental Sociology   [email protected]
Shashi Shekhar    Professor, Computer Science and Engineering   [email protected]
Chengyan Yue    Professor, Horticultural Marketing   [email protected]
Adrian Hegeman    Professor, Plant Metabolomics   [email protected]
Kristine Moncada    Project Coordinator   [email protected]

Rutgers University

Stacy Bonos    Professor, Breeding and Genetics   [email protected]
Bruce Clarke    Professor, Extension Specialist, Turfgrass Pathology   [email protected]
Joshua Honig    Assistant Research Professor, Plant Biology   [email protected]
Bingru Huang   Professor, Turfgrass Physiology, Proteomics   [email protected]
William Meyer    Professor, Turfgrass Breeding and Genetics   [email protected]
James Murphy    Professor, Turfgrass Extension Specialist   [email protected]
Ning Zhang    Associate Professor, Fungal Biology   [email protected]

Purdue University

Aaron Patton    Professor, Turfgrass Extension Specialist   [email protected]
Ross Braun    Lead Research Scholar   [email protected]


B. Shaun Bushman    Research Geneticist   [email protected]

Oregon State University

Nicole Anderson    Assistant Professor, Field Crops   [email protected]
Alec Kowalewski    Assistant Professor, Turf Specialist   [email protected]

University of Wisconsin

Paul Koch    Assistant Professor, Turfgrass Pathology   [email protected]