summer patch

A monograph of the fungal order Magnaporthales

By Ning Zhang and Jing Luo, Rutgers University

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Summer patch is a common and destructive root disease of fine fescue grasses. It causes root, crown and stem rot that develops during periods of summer stress (Smiley et al., 2005). The known causal agents of summer patch are two fungal species, Magnaporthiopsis poae and M. meyeri-festucae that belong to the order Magnaporthales (Luo et al., 2017).

Rapid detection of fine fescue root diseases

By Ming-Yi Chou, University of Wisconsin-Madison

PCR tubes, the negative samples show no fluorescence and the positive samples do show fluorescence.

Summer patch is a common and devastating fungal disease of fine fescues. Many major turfgrass species are susceptible to summer patch. A more thorough description of summer patch disease and the causal agents have been previously discussed. As mentioned in the articles, summer patch can be caused by several closely related fungal species and their microscopic structures are similar making it difficult to diagnose and apply targeted treatments.

Two common summer patch pathogens on fine fescues

By Jing Luo and Ning Zhang, Rutgers University

Page from a monograph with four images of turf diseases

Summer patch is an economically important root disease on turfgrasses used on golf courses, sports fields, and lawns. It causes root, crown and stem rot that develop during periods of summer stress.

Choosing fine fescues for summer patch and snow mold resistance

Research plot with turfgrass starting to grow in after winter. Plots to the left are much greener than those on right.

By Paul Koch, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Fine fescues are thought to be more disease resistant than other turf species, and in general that’s true. However, a closer look reveals that not all fine fescue species are equally resistant to all turf diseases. Even more confusing, those fine fescue species that are more resistant to certain diseases are often more susceptible to other diseases.

What are the causal agents of summer patch disease of fine fescues?

turf with browinsh dead spot

By Jing Luo and Ning Zhang, Rutgers University

Summer patch is a damaging disease of turfgrasses that is most common in warm weather. It is caused by fungal pathogens that attack and colonize plant roots. Besides fine fescues, many types of turfgrasses, including bentgrass, Kentucky bluegrass, and annual bluegrass, are susceptible to this disease (Smiley et al. 2005).