Project Objectives and Approach

This project builds on a previous grant from the USDA-NIFA's Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI) that had the goal of developing improved, low-input fine fescue cultivars to provide economic and environmental benefits for the public. The long-term goal of this new project is to increase the use of well-adapted fine fescue cultivars in sustainable landscapes throughout the northern United States, Canada, and similar temperate regions. As part of our objectives, we will:

  1. Survey consumers, land managers, and seed producers about the barriers they face in conversion to and utilization of fine fescue grasses
  2. Lead a sustained effort of research focused on improving fine fescue traits identified as important by stakeholders utilizing new technologies and proven approaches
  3. Generate new knowledge about complex interactions between genetics and turfgrass management
  4. Find new ways to use publicly available data to improve turfgrass purchasing decisions
  5. Discover solutions to several barriers that are preventing stakeholders from using fine fescues on landscapes
  6. Deliver research-based information to consumers, seed producers, and land managers using new and innovative outreach methods

Project overview graphic